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Recent Posts

  • ct-yt-pantitinverts

    Pan and Tilt Inverts: DMX vs Encoder

    Most consoles allow for inverting pan and tilt because, well, you gotta have it! The MA offers you two different ways to invert pan and tilt, so lets look at both. Software Version used in video: Video Transcript Ever notice that you have pan and tilt invert options for both DMX and Encoder wheels [...]
  • ct-yt-groupmasters

    Group Masters- Tips and Shortcuts

    You may already be using group masters, but if you don't know about tricks like "negative mode" or shortcuts to grabbing your masters without changing pages- you might find this video helpful. Software Version used in video: Video Transcript Group masters are one of the special assignments you can set on an executor.  They [...]
  • ct-yt-fxorganization

    Organizing Effects

    It's all about organization. Last week, we talked about why I make all of the effects in my cues Selective - and it has a lot to do with updating.  This week, we go a step further and talk about why good organization plays a role in this. Software Version used in video: Video [...]
  • ct-yt-selectivefx

    Why the Effects in My Cues Are Selective

    Template effects are great, but if I'm storing an effect into a cue- it's definitely gonna be Selective. Software Version used in video: Video Transcript I've got two simple instensity chase effects here.  One is a Template, and the other is Selective-  but otherwise, they are currently exactly the same.  I can apply either [...]
  • ct-yt-surfaces

    MA2 Surfaces

    Ever move your show file from a grandMA2 full size to a grandMA2 lite only to find that all of your sequences are on that set of 15 faders that don't exist on the lite? We can fix that with Surfaces. Software Version used in video: Video Transcript Press SETUP and select WING + [...]
  • ct-yt-oops


    I know we all use and love the OOPs key.  Some days, I know I feel like I live on the OOPS key. BUT, if you don't know about some of the finer points, you might not be getting everything you could out of it. Software Version used in video: Video Transcript I know we all use [...]