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1: Hardware | grandMA3 for grandMA2 Programmers

The first video in my series will cover all of the hardware of the desk- what’s new and what’s different from MA2. Even if you’re using onPC, this video is going to be helpful so that you know the terminology and functionality of this interface (a lot of which is represented in onPC).

We’ll cover all this and more:
๐Ÿ•New multi touch screen functionality
๐Ÿ•New playback options
๐Ÿ•How the dual encoders work
๐Ÿ•New GrandMaster options
๐Ÿ•Why there are 2 MA keys
๐Ÿ•New ways to lock+unlock the desk
๐Ÿ•The CustomMasterSection Window
๐Ÿ•How to bring up the new ConnectorOverlay

Author: catwest

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