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11: grandMA 3D | grandMA3 for grandMA2 Programmers

Now that 3D is built into the console OS – most everything is easier! I’ll take you through setup, all the changes in camera options, labels, how to place your fixtures (I love the grid option) and where to find environment objects to add to your stage.

We’re covering:
๐Ÿ• Configuring the options for the 3D window – including manipulating our cameras
๐Ÿ• How to set your fixtures to follow mode
๐Ÿ• All the toolbar and settings options
๐Ÿ• Where to find the 3D settings we remember from grandMA2
๐Ÿ• What 3D priority is and when to turn it vs off
๐Ÿ• Labels and their options
๐Ÿ• How to use the Grid function to place your fixtures in 3D quickly
๐Ÿ• How to manipulate / add non-fixtures like truss and other 3D objects

Author: catwest

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