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12: Layouts | grandMA3 for grandMA2 Programmers

I’ll explain how to create and edit layouts, including some new things you can do. I’ll also show you how to make the fixtures in your layouts look more like the grandMA2 style, and less like cutesy lightbulbs.

We’re covering:
🍕 How to create a Layout, and all the setup and editing tools
🍕 How to and why you might put an object in a layout twice
🍕 How to add an image as a background
🍕 The “Edit Layout” spreadsheet (yup – it makes some things faster!)
🍕 How to trigger playback and other options in the layout
🍕 No more lightbulbs! Let’s make our fixtures visualize in (what I think is) a way thats easier to look at

Author: catwest

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