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15: MAtricks | grandMA3 for grandMA2 Programmers

MAtricks got a big upgrade in the last grandMA3 software update. Let’s get into MAtricks options on the X,Y and Z axes, how to use Inverts, new Layer tools, Shuffling, Selection Shifts, and the new Multiple Selection tool that allows you to copy between two active selections.

We’re covering:
🍕Where to find and also store MAtricks
🍕MAtricks options on the X, Y and Z Axes- including new Width option
🍕New invert options and how to use them with wings
🍕Layer options: Aligned timing
🍕Shuffle options: quick shuffle, individual axis shuffle: linked and unlinked
🍕Shift Selections
🍕Multiple Selections- and how to copy between them

Don’t know about X, Y and Z with relation to grandMA3 selections?  Check out my “Groups + Grids” Video and you’ll be all caught up.

Author: catwest

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