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18 Tips to a Cleaner Showfile in 2018

Its 2018! Lets make our showfiles more efficient.

Here’s what you’ll need:
– One thumb drive
– One grandMA2 console on grandMA2 onPC running software version
– grandMA3D v3.3.4.3 (Optional)
– The Consoletrainer 2018 showfile (what I’m using in the video) so you can play along.

You can grab the software for free at http://www.malighting.com/en/support-downloads/software.html

Software Version used in series:

Video Transcript

Happy 2018.  I thought I’d try something a little different here and work on a series of videos that will help us make our showfiles a little bit simpler, a little cleaner, a little more efficient.  Since its 2018, I’ve put together 18 video tutorials to us do just that.

AND, we’re gonna do this together.  What that means is, we’re all going to work in the same showfile.  I’ve got the show file available for you- you can download it on my website, www.consoletrainer.com, or in the description below this  Youtube video. Don’t worry, its not a fancy or large show file. In fact, if you’ve seen my other videos, it should look familiar. If you don’t want to use my show file, thats ok. If you want to use your own showfile, thats fine, too.  And hey- if you just feel like watching the videos and not participating in the workshop portion… that’s cool, too. 

 If you’ve been using the console for any amount of time, there will probably be some tips you’re already using. Or maybe you’ll find that one of my tips where you think, “This doesn’t work for me.”  That’s ok. Everybody approaches their console differently.

The videos start tomorrow: January 1st.

What you can do today is make sure that you have everything you need to participate.  You’ll need either a grandMA2 console, or grandMA on PC running version or better.  You’ll also need a thumb drive. You’ll need my show file. You can also download MA3D if you like- but it’s NOT necessary to play along.  Links for the software and show file are available at consoletrainer.com and also in the description section of this Youtube video. As always, they are all free. 

If you’re new to loading showfiles in grandMA2, keep watching this video and I’ll take you through loading this into your system.  Otherwise, you’re good to go and I’ll see you tomorrow.

Grab your thumbdrive.

The show file download is in a zipped folder, so you’ll need to unzip that first.  Most OS’s just allow for you to double click on them to open them. On some computers you may need to use a special program to decompress.  If you downloaded on a Mac, the file has probably already been decompressed for you.  In the new folder, you’ll find a file labelled “consoletrainer2018.show.gz.” The full name is important.  If you see the name as consoletrainer2018.show, this means your computer just dropped the .gz extension.  The console won’t understand this- but it’s an easy fix.  Just rename the file and add .gz to the name.

Next, we’re going to put it on a thumb drive.  I’m choosing this method because it will work whether you’re on a console or on a PC. The grandMA needs to see a certain file system on the thumb drive, and if you haven’t used your drive with a grandMA2 yet, your drive won’t have this system.  So, we’ll add it.  Open onPC, or go to your console and open ANY showfile.  Even a blank one.  Now go into BACKUP and select your thumb drive and save your show.  The whole system structure will be created at the same time as your backup.

Back on your computer, if you look at your thumb drive now, you’ll see the grandMA2 folder tree.  In the “gma2” folder, open the “shows” folder.  Now, drop the “consoletrainer2018.show.gz” file in to this “shows” folder.  Make sure that the .gz extension is present, and you’re good to go.

Now, on your console, in the BACKUP menu, select your thumb drive again and click to “Load Show.”  Select “consoletrainer2018”, check all of the boxes and load her up.  Make a backup to your hard drive and you’re ready for tomorrow.

Author: catwest

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