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18 in 2018- Day Fourteen: Export A Printable Patch

Its 2018! Lets make our showfiles more efficient.

Here’s what you’ll need:
– One thumb drive
– One grandMA2 console on grandMA2 onPC running software version
– grandMA3D v3.3.4.3 (Optional)
– The Consoletrainer 2018 showfile (Includes our updates up through Day Thirteen) so you can play along.
You can grab the software for free at http://www.malighting.com/en/support-downloads/software.html

Software Version used in series:

Video Transcript

What would a series on organization be without at least one tip involving paperwork?  Our fourteenth day of 18 in 2018 is a quick one to show you how to export a printable patch from your show file. 

Today is so simple, I’m going to skip the show file name change.  You can use any show file to test this tip, but if you want the one in this video, download it from the link in the YouTube description, or at my website, consoletrainer.com.

So, you’ve patched your show in the grandMA2 and you want to print it out.  They make this really easy. Go into your “Patch and Fixture Schedule.” Click and drag to select all of your layers, then click “Export Layer.” The first prompt will ask where you want to save it- I recommend dropping this on a thumbdrive, so that it’s easy to locate. Next, give it a name. For style, I’m selecting the last option: “Fixture + Layer + Layers@html@default.xsl.  This is the easiest one to print out immediately, or turn into a PDF.  However, if you like to work in XML or Comma Separated Values, those options are available to you as well. When the export finishes, move to your thumbdrive.  Open the “Gma2” folder and look for the “Fixture Layers” folder. Right here is our patch in HTML form. You can take this page and print it out directly, or turn it into a PDF.

Author: catwest

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