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18 in 2018- Day Three: Organized Sequence Views

Its 2018! Lets make our showfiles more efficient.

Here’s what you’ll need:
– One thumb drive
– One grandMA2 console on grandMA2 onPC running software version
– grandMA3D v3.3.4.3 (Optional)
– The Consoletrainer 2018 showfile (Includes our updates up through Day Two) so you can play along.

You can grab the software for free at http://www.malighting.com/en/support-downloads/software.html

Software Version used in series:

Video Transcript

Our third day of 18 in 2018 is going to focus on cleaning up our Sequence Executor window- commonly referred to as our Cuelist View.  If you’ve never moved the cells around, this video is for you.

As always, lets start with backing up our show and renaming it to reflect the day.  If you don’t have the showfile- take a second to download it from the link the YouTube description, or at my website, consoletrainer.com.

If you’re working in onPC with me, I’ll primarily be working with Screen 4… but you can you can open a Sequence Executor on any window you like. Make sure that you’re on Page 1 and Select the Cuelist on Executor 15, called “Simple”, so that we can have something to look at.
All of these columns can be resized and moved around simply by clicking and dragging. Any changes you make to the columns here are saved to these “Sets” at the top of the screen.  Think of them like views within a view.  They’re quick links to 5 different ways you can organize your cuelist.   Your edits are always being saved to whichever “Set” is highlighted. Lets all work in Set 1 today.

While there’s no right or wrong way to prioritize your columns, some are pretty basic and important- like cue number, name, trigger, fade and delay time- so we might want to leave them at the start.  I am, however, going to change their size to make reading the info more efficient. Now I want to move a couple columns over.  I’m bringing over the INFO column, because I like to have notes on cues separate from their name… sometimes I put Followspot notes in here- it can be whatever you like. I also want to bring over the “Command” column. This looks pretty good for Set One.  Of course, there’s lots of other columns that might be more useful to you.  So, if you’d like to make another version, click on “Set 2” and organize the way that you like.  Perhaps you want to see Loop Information, or play with fade and delay times.

Lastly, just like with our color coded Layouts… you can choose to color code your cues.  To do this, click the ASSIGN key three times and then either type in CUE, followed by the number of the cue, or just click on the cue in this window.  In the new window, select a color- but keep in mind that the text will be white, so you make sure its a color that allows you to still read the text.  I don’t recommend coloring every cue- but it can be handy to highlight one for whatever reason every now and then.

Author: catwest

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