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18 in 2018- Day Four: Trigger a Chase from Within a Cue

Its 2018! Lets make our showfiles more efficient.

Here’s what you’ll need:
– One thumb drive
– One grandMA2 console on grandMA2 onPC running software version
– grandMA3D v3.3.4.3 (Optional)
– The Consoletrainer 2018 showfile (Includes our updates up through Day Three) so you can play along.

You can grab the software for free at http://www.malighting.com/en/support-downloads/software.html

Software Version used in series:

Video Transcript

Day Four of 18 in 2018 takes us right back to the Sequence Executor window, where we’ll use the Command options to trigger other cues.

As always, lets start with backing up our show and renaming it to reflect the day.  If you don’t have the showfile- take a second to download it from the link in the YouTube description, or at my website, consoletrainer.com.

If you take a look at the cuelist labelled, “Simple”, and play it back- you can see it lives up to its name.  The first cue, setup, simply places our lights. The next few cues give us a couple of looks that we’ll use for this example. I’m using MA3D in this video, but you can also just look in the STAGE View for this exercise.

Let’s say that in cue 2, we want to start a Chase that changes the color of the Sharpys, and we want to it automatically play when we trigger cue 2.  First off, we need to build that chase.  So, I’ll grab the US Sharpys and open the Preset View, select Slot Color and I’ll store a few color choices to a new Executor. I’m picking Executor 14. I’m going to label this “Clr Chase”, and I need to tell it to be a chase, by going into the Assign Menu, clicking “Options” and then “Chaser.” Now we have a super simple chase.

Back in the Cuelist window for our “Simple” list, find the Command cell for Cue 2, and either encoder click or right click on it.  This essentially opens up a command line within the cue.  The options for what you can do here are exponential, and I’m keeping this video focused on triggering chases- so we’re not going to get into those options today.  Now that my command line is open, I can either use the keyboard to type in my command, or you can just use the actual console keys.  I want to play the chase, so I’ll hit “GO+”  “Executor” “1.14.”  If you’re on a console, after hitting “Go+”, you can just tap any key on Executor 14. The reason I’m saying 1.14 is to specify that I want to trigger what’s on Executor 14 of Page 1.  So now, if we start at the top of the Sequence, when we get to cue 2, the chase will automatically run.  There’s probably a moment you want it to stop, so lets do that as well.  In the Command cell for Cue 3, let’s right click on it and press “Off” “Executor” “1.14.”

Like I said, the options here are almost endless, so play with putting other commands into your cues to see what might be helpful for you.

Author: catwest

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