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18 in 2018- Day Nine: Sh T

Its 2018! Lets make our showfiles more efficient.

Here’s what you’ll need:
– One thumb drive
– One grandMA2 console on grandMA2 onPC running software version
– grandMA3D v3.3.4.3 (Optional)
– The Consoletrainer 2018 showfile (Includes our updates up through Day Eight) so you can play along.
You can grab the software for free at http://www.malighting.com/en/support-downloads/software.html

Software Version used in series:

Video Transcript

It’s not a typo.  Day 9 is not about “sh*t.”  But it is about remote shutdown shortcuts for the MA2 devices on your network.

Today is so simple- you don’t even need to backup the show file as Day 9. In fact, you don’t need my show file at all.  Today’s tip is a command line that can be used in any MA2 show file. Many tours and venue installations consist of usually at least two consoles and at least one NPU… but you might have a few NPUs and maybe a VPU or two… maybe even an MA onPC somewhere.  All of these devices are probably on the same MA network.. but there’s a good chance that they aren’t all in the same room.  So, at the end of the day- when you’re ready to shut everything down- you can use this “Sh*t” command line to do it all from one console.  

Here’s how it works.  The “Sh” part is just the shorthand for the “Shutdown” keyword.  You can use it to shut down the station you are at, or you can be very specific about shutting down a certain networked device.  If you wanted to shut down just an NPU, for example- you could type “Sh” followed by the IP address of that NPU, and then please.  But, our example was “Sh” followed by “t.”  The “t” is shorthand for thru, so “Sh*t” or “Sh t” PLEASE equals “shutdown thru,” which means shutdown everything on the network.  When you use any Shutdown command, the console will prompt asking if you’d like to save.

Of course, you can enter this “Sh t” command into a macro if you’d like.  Just be careful that your macro isn’t in a place where it could accidentally be triggered.  You do have the safety of the Save screen popping up… but the last thing you want during a show is to shut down your entire control system. 

Author: catwest

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