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21: MAgic Presets | grandMA3 for grandMA2 Programmers

This video is all about the new #grandma3 concept: MAgic Presets. Let me show you what they do, how to create them, how they work when theyโ€™re stored to a cue, and how to get around them putting hard values in your cues. ๐Ÿคฎ There is a way to store them as a preset reference, and I will show you how. I’ll also explain why I like to think of these MAgic presets as global templates, even though they’re selective.

We’re covering:
๐Ÿ• What the heck is grid interpolation?
๐Ÿ• How to make a MAgic preset, and why
๐Ÿ• Which fixtures can I use my MAgic presets on?
๐Ÿ• Why these presets are Selective, even though they act Globally
๐Ÿ• Wait, these are templates?
๐Ÿ• How to use embedded presets in your MAgic presets
๐Ÿ• How to use these in your cues with an actual preset reference, not the default MAgic hard values
๐Ÿ• A Basic intro to using Recipes in Presets, along with Cooking them

Wanna learn more about MA3 Grids? Here’s my video: https://youtu.be/5zXvzgqtrTU

Author: catwest

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