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9: Patching | grandMA3 for grandMA2 Programmers

Organization in the Patch menu has been upgraded in grandMA3. I’ll take you through everything in the window, how to patch your units, what the new Stages and Grouping Fixture items are, filtering, folding tree structures, and how to bring an external fixture profile into your patch.

🔗 Link to the GDTF website: https://gdtf-share.com

We’re covering:
🍕 All the Patch stuff we know from MA2 – but with new organization styles
🍕 ID Types / Layers and Classes
🍕 Filter Options
🍕 Stages: what they are/ how to create + delete, and why would we use them?
🍕 How to add/patch new fixtures using MA3, MA2, GDTF libraries
🍕 How to add a fixture from MA Share to your showfile
🍕 Grouping Fixtures: what are they and how to add them in

Author: catwest

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