Join My Crew

The best way to support this page and keep these training videos coming is to join my crew over at my Patreon page.

My local crew is my support team. They get the Patron-only posts and access to the Youtube tutorials before everyone else. Their contribution makes sure I’m full of Starbucks Chai Lattes so I can make tutorials faster.

You’re on the bus, and that $12 just bought us an after-show pizza!
Tour Crew get everything the Local Crew gets, as well as backstage access to bonus training content that doesn’t appear to the public.  This is a direct link to me, so we can talk about whatever aspects of programming you like!

Tour Crew also gets a grandMA2 macro package that they can download immediately upon joining.

Any member who stays at this level for 3 consecutive months will also receive a unique TOUR CREW sticker.

The Design Team gets in, does the work, and then moves on to the next show. Of course, you’ll get everything from the Tour Crew level, including that Macro Package, but you’ll also get exclusive Design Team merchandise every 3 months.