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Default Presets – MA2 Video Tutorial

Default presets are a handy way to quickly set or change default parameters in your rig. They’re super easy to create.

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Video Transcript

Default presets are a handy way to quickly set or change default parameters in your rig. Using a default preset is different than changing the defaults in your Fixture Types menu, because in that menu, you’re  setting values globally by fixture type. With default presets, every fixture in your show can have different, individual values set as the default of any parameter.

You can set any preset to be a default preset- in fact you can have multiples in different pools.

I recommend storing this preset separate from your other presets, because it will lose the ability to activate like a regular preset, and also because it will make it easier to update later if you need to. I’m going to make a position default preset, because that’s normally the default attribute I change the most, but you can include as much or as little as you like. Im going to store this as a selective preset, and now it’s just a matter of making it the default reference for those lights. Hit ASSIGN, touch your preset, and press PLEASE. In the Pop up, pick DEFAULT.
One more step, here- I’m tapping this preset twice: First time selects the lights, second time activates the default. If your lights are still selected, you need only tap it once.
Now you can clear out, and anytime those position parameters are not being controlled by the programmer or a cue, they’ll sit in their new default position.

This works the same if you want to create a preset with multiple parameter types, say color and position. For this, you could store that default into the ALL pool, or turn off the Preset filter in the STORE options before saving.

If you want to restore a default preset back to normal, just hit ASSIGN, touch the preset, hit PLEASE and select Normal.

If there’s a value you want to set as a default for ALL fixtures of one type (including future additions you maybe bringing into your show), u can go into the FIXTURE TYPES menu in your fixture schedule and edit a parameter default here. In this menu, you’re changing the default globally for all fixtures of a certain type to one value. If you want each fixture to have a slightly different value, I’d recommend the default presets instead.

Author: catwest

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