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grandma2 Cloning: Clone a Tour to a Festival Rig

Cat’s 8 Steps to a Successful Clone

In this video, I’m going to take you through how I clone a touring showfile to a festival rig… start to finish! ┬áThis is a big clone, but I’ll explain it all and show you the types of macros I use. ┬áSeriously, this is how I do it every time, and it works for me – every time! If you can clone a full showfile, every other type of cloning is easy!

This video also covers:
– A couple of time savers that I try to always do when programming because I know it will make cloning easier.
– How a default preset is going to help with those attributes in your festival rig that don’t exist in your tour fixtures.
– Double Clones!
– How to deal with multi-instance fixtures
– Whats up with those Global presets becoming Global and Selective?
– Why do some of my cloned effects suck now, and how do I make them not suck?
– Another macro for “Requesting Universes”

Remember – be careful with the cloning macro. It does what it promises- it will update programming, so be careful not to run it accidentally. If you’re making lots of backups, you have the safety net of being able to reload if necessary.

And here's some additional bonus tips for cloning:

Author: catwest

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