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grandma2 Cloning: Clone a Tour to a Festival Rig

Cat’s 8 Steps to a Successful Clone

In this video, I’m going to take you through how I clone a touring showfile to a festival rig… start to finish! ย This is a big clone, but I’ll explain it all and show you the types of macros I use. ย Seriously, this is how I do it every time, and it works for me – every time! If you can clone a full showfile, every other type of cloning is easy!

This video also covers:
– A couple of time savers that I try to always do when programming because I know it will make cloning easier.
– How a default preset is going to help with those attributes in your festival rig that don’t exist in your tour fixtures.
– Double Clones!
– How to deal with multi-instance fixtures
– Whats up with those Global presets becoming Global and Selective?
– Why do some of my cloned effects suck now, and how do I make them not suck?
– Another macro for “Requesting Universes”

Remember – be careful with the cloning macro. It does what it promises- it will update programming, so be careful not to run it accidentally. If you’re making lots of backups, you have the safety net of being able to reload if necessary.

Author: catwest