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Hog QuickStart: Backups

This tutorial has been updated for Hog4.
The complete Quick Start Guides are also available in PDF form below.

Hog 3 QuickStart Guide Hog 4 QuickStart Guide

Organizing Showfiles on the Console

1. Press SETUP
2. Select SHOWS from your Setup Toolbar (bottom of the right monitor)
3. In the Shows Window, click FILE BROWSER from the left hand side.

-This window is designed to feel like the file browser on your personal computer. You can create and reorganize new folders… or rename or delete items (right click on the item to do this)

-You can reorganize where data is stored by dragging and dropping the item into the desired folder.
Note: You cannot move, delete or rename the showfile that you are currently logged into (of course!) 

Burning CDs

1. In the Shows window, click CD BURNING from the left hand side.
2. Select the file(s) you wish to burn by dragging them to the right panel (Alternatively, click the file and click ADD TO CD).
3. Click BURN
4. In the pop-up window, click START BURN. 

Showfile vs. a Backup File

A Showfile is the expanded file that you log into on the console. This large file cannot be saved to any external media, like a Backup file can. A Showfile is constantly being written over every time you add information in your showfile. (In other words… you record a cue: that cue is saved to the Showfile you are logged into on the hard drive) 

A Backup file is a compressed copy of your Showfile (think of it like zipping a folder on your PC). A Backup file can be saved to external media and loaded on to another console. 

Making Manual Backups

1. Press SETUP
2. Select SHOWS from your Setup Toolbar (bottom of the right monitor)
3. From the CURRENT SHOW tab, click BACKUP
4. Select the location to store you Backup to (it can be the HDD, a zip disk or thumbdrive depending on the console).
5. You also can rename the Backup in this window if you wish.
6. Click OK. The console will prompt you when the Backup is complete. You can click OK again. 

Quick Backup

1. Press SETUP
2. Press BACKUP from the Setup Toolbar (bottom of the right monitor)

 Next up…interactivesoftware

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