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Hog QuickStart: Pages

This tutorial has been updated for Hog4.
The complete Quick Start Guides are also available in PDF form below.

Hog 3 QuickStart Guide Hog 4 QuickStart Guide

Creating a New Page






Press PAGE # (the number of the page you wish to create) followed by ENTER. Or:
1. Hold OPEN and press PAGE to open the Page Directory
2. Deselect the Guard button in the Page Directory window
3. Touch any empty cell in the Directory
4. Press Set
5. Enter a name for your new Page, followed by Enter.

Note: You can then record new Cuelists to your new page as you would any page. 

Moving or Copying Existing Cuelists to your New Page

1. Select the List you wish to move/copy from the List Directory, (or key in in LIST #)
2. Press MOVE or COPY
3. Press CHOOSE on the destination Master 

Ways To Change Pages

– Use the NEXT PAGE key to cycle forward to the following page
– Use the BACK PAGE to cycle backwards through Pages
– Key in PAGE, followed by the number of the Page, followed by ENTER (PAGE 6 ENTER)
– Select a Page from the Page Directory (ensure Guard is off)
– Use the CP Macro in a Cuelist or as a Startup Macro 

To Holdover Cuelists Between Pages

– Hold the CHOOSE key on the Master containing your Cuelist while changing Pages or
– Use an option for Page Changes in the Preferences window:

HOLDOVER IF ACTIVE will keep all active Cuelists live during a Page change
LEAVE IN BACKGROUND will keep all active Cuelists live during a Page change, but the Playback Bar will reflect the Lists stored on the destination Page.

Note: Templated Lists that appear on every Page will be held over automatically. 


Template Pages

1. Hold OPEN and press PAGE to open the Page Directory
2. Activate the Page you wish to set as Template by
– Deselecting GUARD and then touch (select) the Page in the Directory or
– Key in PAGE # (the desired Page’s number) ENTER
3. In the Page Directory, press SET CURRENT PAGE AS TEMPLATE 


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