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Hog QuickStart: Programmer

This tutorial has been updated for Hog4.
The complete Quick Start Guides are also available in PDF form below.

Hog 3 QuickStart Guide Hog 4 QuickStart Guide

Selecting the Fixtures

1. Open the Programmer window by pressing the PROGRAMMER View in the Views toolbar (top of your left monitor) Or
– Use the Programmer softkey in the Windows Toolbar at the top of the right monitor
2. Key in the User Number(s) of the fixture(s) you wish to select, followed by ENTER
Note: Keep in mind that you can use the THRU, + (plus), and – (minus) keys to make your selection 

Additionally: If you have Groups created in the Group Directory, you can select any Group to put those fixtures in the Programmer.

In the Programmer, the Active Fixture Selection will be what is modified when you edit. The Active FIxture Selection are the fixtures listed in dark blue in the Programmer. Not all fixtures in the Programmer need to be Actively Selected at any time. However, if you do wish to quickly select all fixtures currently in the Programmer and make them the Active Selection, you can:

– Press the SELECT softkey on the main toolbar (bottom of the right monitor), then select ALL from the new toolbar or
– Hold the BACK and NEXT keys simultaneously. 


Modifying Intensity

1. Select the fixture(s) you wish to work with
2. Press the @ key and then type in an intensity value followed by ENTER

Note: When taking fixtures to FULL, you need only select the fixture(s) and then press the FULL key Note: When keying in intensities other than FULL, keying in 1 digit will assume a 0 after the digit.

Example: 1 @ 5 ENTER will take fixture #1 to 50%

Other Methods for controlling Intensity after a fixture selection: – Turn the Intensity encoder wheel
– Choose an Intensity Palette from the Intensity Directory
– Use the vertically mounted I-Wheel 

Modifying Other Attributes on the Encoder Wheels

1. Select the fixture(s) you wish to work with
2. Press any “Kind” key (INTENSITY, POSITION, COLOUR, BEAM) to locate your desired attributes. Some parameters may require you to press the same Kind key multiple times in order to access the attribute due to the amount of parameters. 3. Spin the wheel until you achieve the desired value. 


Using Palettes

1. Select the fixture(s) you wish to work with
2. Open any Directory window or press the Palettes View (top of the left monitor)
3. Touch any Palette item that is not dark grey (a dark grey palette indicates unavailability for the fixtures currently selected)

Using the Slotted Toolbar

1. Select the fixture(s) you wish to work with
2. Touch any item on the Slotted Toolbar (the horizontal row at the bottom of the right monitor: above the encoder wheelsets)
3. From the second pop-up bar, select any value (gobos, slotted colours, etc). 



In Place Editing

1. In the Programmer window, you can click on any attribute cell.
2. Press the SET key
3. Key in a new value, or select a value from the drop-down list, followed by ENTER. 

To Remove All Fixtures from the Programmer

Press the CLEAR key
Note: After pressing CLEAR, if you hold PIG and press CLEAR, the just cleared values will be restored. Alternatively, you can hit UNDO. 

To Remove Selected Fixtures from the Programmer

1. Select the fixtures you wish to remove (they will show as dark blue in the Programmer window when actively selected).
2. Press KNOCKOUT from your main toolbar (bottom of your right monitor) 

To Remove Attribute Kind (IPCB) Information from the Programmer

1. Select the fixtures.
2. Press the key corresponding to the Kind (Intensity, Position, Colour, Beam, Effects) and press KNOCKOUT on your main toolbar.
Note: Alternatively, you can hold the BACKSPACE (<–) key and press the Kind key of the attribute you wish to remove. 

To Remove a Single Attribute

1. Select the fixtures.
2. Locate the attribute’s encoder wheel (example: pan, tilt, gobo, cyan, etc)
3. Hold the BACKSPACE (<–) key and turn the wheel. 

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