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Hog QuickStart: Views

This tutorial has been updated for Hog4. The complete Quick Start Guides are also available in PDF form below.

Hog 3 QuickStart Guide Hog 4 QuickStart Guide

Recording Views

1. Open the windows you’d like to store in your view, arranging them to your liking. 2. Hold the RECORD key and touch the desired View location in your Views Toolbar (Top of your left monitor). 3. Press the SET key and enter a name, followed by ENTER. viewstoolbar Note: Views will also store the options you have selected in each window (for example: Guard, Sources, Compact, etc) along with any scroll positions.

Recalling Views from the Views Toolbar

– Press the View you’d like to open. – If the view is not listed in the bank of 10 views on your toolbar, use the NEXT (>>) button (on screen) to cycle through banks of Views. HINT: Hold the PIG key while pressing the NEXT button on screen to cycle backwards through views – Alternatively, hold the OPEN key and press the VIEW button on screen in the Views toolbar to open the Views Directory and select a View. 

Recalling Views from Cuelist Macros

1. Touch any Macros cell in the Cuelist window, and press SET. 2. Select RV from the drop-down list and key in the number of the View you would like triggered, followed by ENTER 3. Play back the cue with the macro and the view will be opened. 

Note: Comment Macros can also be placed on Scenes, Page Changes, and as a Startup on showload.  recallviewmacro

Open Shortcuts

– Hold the OPEN key and press any number between 0 and 9 to open that View by number. These numbers correspond to the page of views at the top of your left monitor. Note that holding OPEN and pressing the 0 key will open View 10.

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