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Screenshot that Setlist!

The simplest trick I could give you to do to make your gig day easier:

Grab a screenshot or a photo of the setlist and set it as your phone’s lock screen image.
(I also do this with schedules or overview rundowns for corporate/tv gigs)

Its so simple, and every time someone new sees my phone on show day, the response is always the same: “Why didn’t I think of that?”  Handy information accessible with just one button press? Yes, please.

For me it started on tour when I was tired of fumbling with paper, so I’d take a phone pic instead.  The second, immediate, bonus for me was that when the punters in the audience asked me for a copy of the setlist, I could honestly tell them I didn’t have one.  If you’re the type to handwrite notes for yourself on the setlist- you can still do that.  Just take the pic of your annotated work.

If you want to go a step further, you can find a way to safely (and I mean without falling and mashing keys) attach your phone to your console.  There are a few options out there.  I use the “In Your Face” holder, which is adjustable so you can use it on a variety of phone types.  Works great mounted on an MA2 … not so much on other consoles, due to width. You might have to clip it to the table or something else in that situation.

Another option? Those magnetic smart cases for your iPad hold in place well (again, on MA2). You know what looks great on them: Patch sheets, plots, LightWrite Files.  Its awesome when you’re setting up a new show.

I love having the phone nearby during concerts, because there’s so much useful stuff there! Sometimes I’ll record a festival set, because there’s probably some new music that I don’t know yet, and I’ll need that to get myself familiarized for next time.  It also means I won’t miss a text from a PM or TM, with the newest updates or show changes on the fly.

Author: catwest

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